Basquiat, A First-Run Film by an Artist

¢ºThe master neo-expressionist Julian Schnabel's premiere -a Director Award nominee at the Venice Film Festival
¢ºExquisite blue tones fill up screen. - A bible for future artists and movie makers
¢ºFrom September 18 (Fri.), two shows a day: 19:00, 21:00(Sat. Sun. 15:00, 19:00, 21:00)

neo-expressionist Julian Schnabel, made his debut with Basquiat. It was a nominee for the Director Award at the '96 Venice Film Festival. Benico del Toro, who played the role of Benny, got the Best Supporting Actor in the '97 Indi Sprit.

To commemorate the late artist, Schnabel brushed a powerful blue color on the screen, over roadside trees, costumes, and background. All Basquiat's paintings appear in the movie, reproduced by the director's own hand with affection. In the movie David Bowie took the role of Andy Warhol and many other celebrities played cameo roles. Therefore the movie oozes a unique flavor.

For the 10th anniversary of Basquiat's death in August 1988, the Artsonje Center is presenting the movie Basquiat to Korean moviegoers.
Since Basquiat was made by the hands and minds of many artists, it is highly recommended that art students come to see it. "In order to introduce a high-class artistic movie to domestic moviegoers, we carefully selected Basquiat as the premiere for our Art Hall, which was designed as an integrated center for the arts," one of the managers of the Artsonje Center said. "The 250-seat Art Hall is rather small. But with its up-to-date facilities, it delivers to the audience more effective sounds and images than a mammoth theater. Size does not matter," added the manager. From September 18 the Artsonje Center will show this movie twice a day, at 19:00 and 21:00, during weekdays except Monday.

The Artsonje Museum, Kyongju, held exhibitions of Andy Warhol and Basquiat in September 1991.


Basquiat, who has inherited his mother's artistic sentiments, runs away from home dreaming of becoming a great artist. He starts his career with graffiti in the back alleys of  city of New York. His friend Benny (Benico del Toro) introduces him to museums as an assistant electrician, where he meets Miro (played by Gary Oldman). Basquiat is inspired to become an artist as popular as Miro. An art critic, Rene (Michael Wincott), happens to discover Basquiat's genius and promises to support him Basquiat becomes known in art society and gains public favor. He then becomes very close to the artistic celebrities such as Warhol and Bruno (Dennis Hopper), to whom he sold his post cards some time ago.

After establishing himself in good working conditions, he is so successful that his works begin to appear in art magazines along with those of Warhol and Bruno. Yet, the more he is thrown into fame, the more solitary he feels from being distanced from his old friends. In exchange for success, he parts with his girl friend (Claire Forlani), his good old friend Benny, and even Rene, his artistic patron. But these pains are soothed by his works and as well as Andy Warhol. As his mental mainstay great mentor, Andy Warhol alleviates his pains and deeply understands his artistic world. Although great deal of gossip surrounds him, Basquiat still pays great respect for him.

When Warhol dies in February 1987, Basquiat is thrown into despair, roaming the streets with tearful eyes every day, as if his own spirit has slipped away from his body, and spends his last days as a drug addict. He returns to ashes on the street corner where his farvor for painting first began to burn. At the age of just 27 ¡¦